National Tree Day, July 31st

How grand and majestic are the trees that grow in our Aussie bushlands. I particulaly love the drive down the South West Coast where you’re met by towering Jarrah, Karri andd Marri trees. Some of my most memorable tree experiences involve a trip into the pretty timber town of Pemberton to climb the Glouster Tree which is a very impressive 61 meter tall Karri tree. It has been pegged with metal rungs for visitors to climb and those game for the climb go round and round grabbing on to these huge pegs with hands and feet. It’s a bit of a marathon, all of those 61 meters, and a little bit terrifying. Apparently no one has died from climbing this massive tree, however, I did read that there were two reported heart attacks following the climb. 

On the drive out of Pemberton back to our camping spot ,we came to a halt. Whilst we were sightseeing, a Jarrah tree had fallen across the main road and consequently the road was torn up and traffic was backed up. That was a bit of an amazing sight and to think of all the traffic that drives along the roads past these giant trees. It was good to see no cars underneath the fallen tree.

One of our Tuarts

As a child, I loved climbing trees and was pretty good at it. I only once slipped down the trunk of a tree and ended up with horrid scratches all down my poor belly. Ouch! Now I look up trees and think, how on earth did I manage to climb? I also cringed the first time I saw my 6 year old climb his first tree. I had to rescue him. I’m glad he’s not so adventurous as I was although I can see my three year old hanging up the tuarts around our property in the not too distant future.

The National Tree Day is a great initiative and I’m looking forward to planting a tree or two with my kids this coming weekend. I’m not sure what we’ll plant. Maybe a few Tuarts, or maybe some fruit trees? I just hope once it’s planted we can keep it alive. Here’s to ‘National Tree Planting Day’ 2011.

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