DIY upcycled art smocks

As a beginning sewing project, my girls worked on creating their own art smocks. They upcycled old shirts and made some deep pockets for arty bits and bobs out of pieces of fabric I had.

It was a pretty simple project that involved:

  • cutting off the sleeves
  • cutting out large rectangular pieces of fabric for the pockets
  • ironing over the edges of the pockets
  • basic sewing skills: pinning and tacking
  • using a sewing machine to sew on the pockets to the  shirt
  • learning some sewing lingo and the anatomy of a sewing machine

Skills the girls applied in this project included:

  • simple design 
  • measurement
  • threading a needle
  • tying a knot
  • setting up the sewing machine (power, foot pedal, light and thread)
  • threading the sewing machine
  • pining and tacking 
  • sewing a straight stitch
  • Using the back stick
  • winding a bobbin

Sewing a straight stitch

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