A New Homeschooling Approach

We began our homeschooling journey last year, during Noah’s last term of Year 1. I had chosen ‘Animal’s And Their Worlds’, a Winterpromise program to start with, however, the materials didn’t come when required so I ran with my own program for the remainder of the year. Most of the Winterpromise program arrived in time for the start of Noah’s second year of schooling so we have been doing that for the last 9 weeks. 

Anyway, after the problems with shipping and being a little frustrated with the program, I began to look for other homeschooling programs that might better suit our family. One popular homeschooling approach caught my interest, a Charlotte Mason education. She was an outstanding brilliant British educator in the 1800s who really had a passion for children and the education of the ‘whole’ child. I’m now keen to attempt to implement a Charlotte Mason approach. Some of the key elements focus on:

  • Quality living texts 
  • Habit forming
  • Short lessons
  • Nature Study
  • Copy work
  • Narration
  • History taught chronologically alongside Literature and Geography
  • Art, Music and Poetry appreciation
  • Foreign Language study
  • The knowledge of God being the source of knowledge and most important.
In summary, Charlotte Mason believed that education was an atmosphere, a discipline, and a life; it was about finding out who we were and how we fit into the world of human beings and into the universe God created.
Here are the main websites I’ve been finding information from:
Now to work out what books I need for the next term …
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  1. Hello Teresa,

    Thanks for the link here!

    Are you still using CM’s philosophy in your homeschool? I’m off to explore your blog now.

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