The Hunger Games

Well, this is my first review for grown ups! I never really have the time to read for enjoyment. It’s a busy household, the Cheney home. It’s not normally peaceful enough either for actual reading. Okay, it’s peaceful when the four munchkins are in bed, but then mum’s generally too tired to keep her eyes open to read. If I do happen to be reading, it’s cook books or books on parenting.

So, we had watched the movie ‘The Hunger Games’, which isn’t actually the sort of movie I’d usually get into, but we watched it and it was quite interesting. It left me with this feeling of ‘there has to be more’ and ‘I need to know what happens next’. Thankfully for my curiosity, there were two books already written by Suzanne Collins and I now had an ereader so off I went to download ‘Catching Fire’.

Well, I couldn’t put it down, every spare minute my eyes were scanning my Kobo … reading, reading, and more reading. Not much housework got done! I devoured that book in only a few days. Mr Cheney also got caught up in the story. I then had to go and download the last book in the trilogy, ‘Mockingjay’, and despite trying to show restraint and give it a day or two between books, I didn’t! How great is instant downloadable ebooks!! Love it! 

So the series was great, captivating indeed. You really get caught up in this other world. The main downside to the series is that it ends. There are other bits in the series of course that were a bit annoying, at least to me, but I won’t go into that and ruin it for you. I enjoyed my time spent deep in the world far away from actual reality, and yet, it was all just an arms length away thanks to Ms Collins. If you’re after a captivating read, you may just find this trilogy takes your fancy also. 

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