Hattie and the Fox

This is our latest book bought for Hosanna, a great first birthday gift. This particular book is a 25th Anniversary Special Limited Edition 2011 in board book format.

The story features Hattie, a big black hen who starts her morning by spotting a nose in a bush. There are fun repetitive expressions of ‘Good gracious’, ‘Good grief’, ‘Well, well’, ‘Who cares’, ‘So what’ and ‘What next?’ from various farm yard creatures throughout the book. The nose in the bush becomes a nose and two eyes until finally the mysterious creature in the bush is uncovered and a farm yard commotion takes place.

I love this delightful story and it particularly appeals to my three darlings, especially since we have four big black chickens ourselves. The illustrations by Patricia Mullins are winsome and colourful. This would have to be one of Mem Fox’s picture book classics and I would have to highly recommend this book.

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