top view of sliced white onion in bowl with sweet, red and whole white one on straw and red background

Quick Pickled Onion & Chilli

  Quick Pickled Onion & Chilli 1 French shallot/red onion1 chilli pepper1/2 cup distilled white vinegar1.5 tbsp maple syrup1 pinch salt Chop onion & chilli, place into jar.Add vinegar, maple...

Pickling Brine

  General Pickling Brine 3 cups water3 cups vinegar3 tbsp salt3 tbsp sugar3 tbsp peppercorns3 tbsp coriander seeds3 bay leaves3 cloves garlic Place pickling ingredients in a pot on a...
A closeup shot of tasty green vegan fresh smoothie

Green Ginger Kick Smoothie

Start your day with a green ginger kick. I love to start my day with a smoothie that is packed with nutrition, healthy fats, protein and immune boosting foods. Take...

Green Goodness Smoothie: Auto immune friendly

If you have come to check out my Green Goodness Smoothie, you no doubt are looking to improve your health and diet. After searching for a thyroid friendly smoothie, trying...

Paleo Dutch Baby Pancake

In search for great paleo breakfast options, I came across the Dutch baby paleo pancake on Pinterest. It sure looked delicious. It also has an interesting origin and is aptly...
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