Faith Matters


Subscriptions for kids we have enjoyed

We have enjoyed a number of subscriptions as gifts. Included below is a list of some of the subscriptions we have received over the years. I also hope to grow...

Mother’s Day Reading

I read out the following poem written by Mother Teresa at church last Mother's Day. Mother Teresa dedicated her entire life to others, just as Mother’s often dedicate their lives to...

Pallet Word Art

This was our first Pallet Word Art project! Our family scripture now features a prominent spot, reminding us 'Cheney's' of what's required of us. I love it!

Love The New Book Display Shelves

It was very exciting to have Matt put up the newly made book display shelves for the boys room over the weekend. They each have one at their bedside to...
Isaish prayer

Prayer Journalling

I had recently been checking out some homeschooling blogs when I came accross I was looking into the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling approach and was quite inspired by many of the...
Noah Praying

The Importance of Prayer

 Prayer is really important in keeping oneself close to God. It's our means of communication to Christ, where we pour out our heart with all its fears, failings and hopes....
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